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Dear Potential Donor,

Thank you for taking time to consider a charitable donation to Pine Meadow Counseling, Inc. (PMC) in order to provide counseling services to children and teens.  We are very excited about our partner donors who are willing to support our efforts in showing others how mental wellbeing comes from the inside out.  PMC is a nonprofit 501c3 corporation organized and operated exclusively for educational and charitable purposes.  Our mission is to provide counseling services and educate the community on the mental health benefits of innate wellbeing, found through the learning of principles that make up human psychological functioning; mind, thought and consciousness.  Our belief is in the person’s wellbeing or potential for “promise” rather than “problem” or “illness”.   We work with adults, families, corporations, school districts, churches, teens and children who have struggled trying to “fix” problems with limited to no results.  Our approach is very different than those found in the traditional field of psychology.  We use a teaching style that shows how all reality is created from the Three Principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness.  When there is an understanding of how these Three Principles combine to make thoughts seem real people begin to feel the freedom to drop unhealthy, problematic, busy mind thinking.  This transformation does not require the past to be worked through in order to experience a better feeling.

 PMC has seen a large number of youth being diagnosed with various mental health disorders such as; depression, ADD/ADHD, ODD, OCD, social phobia, self-destructive/mutilation, anxiety and all types of drug use to name a few.  This population of our communities are often failing school, have truancy issues, runaway, family discord and authority conflict.   PMC has expand its’ services to children and teens through our Intensive Outpatient Program and soon to come our “One Thought Away” Ranch.  The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is our latest endeavor for children and teens in Bakersfield, Taft, and Tehachapi, soon to open in Porterville and Visalia.  As the only program of its’ kind in the region, it offers a much-needed “intermediate” level of care for those who have needs that are too complex to be effectively managed in an office outpatient setting, but do not reach the threshold warranting inpatient hospitalization.  IOP offers a new alternative for outpatient providers, emergency rooms, school guidance counselors, primary care physicians, parents, and other local agencies seeking mental health care for their patients, students, clients, and children.  Simply by being the only mental health IOP in Kern and Tulare Counties, our programs are a valuable addition to the community in need of improved mental health care for children and teens.

 “One Thought Away” Ranch (OTA Ranch) is our dream project at PMC.  OTA Ranch will be a working horse and cattle ranch providing children and teens a rare opportunity to work daily on the ranch.  This program will provide an experience of real physical work beyond the walls of an office, outdoors with nature, free from distraction of a technical world.  On the ranch, we want to have participants experience how it is that their thoughts create feelings that give them the perception of reality.  Children and teens who have been resistant to other forms of therapy often benefit from a dramatic change in environment.  On the ranch change is an active pursuit, not a passive one.  Our staff and therapists work side-by-side with the students to accomplish ranch chores and work through issues that come up in the process. This team approach and the horsemanship program fosters trusting therapeutic relationships and goes beyond equine-assisted therapy.  By working with horses’ children and teens learn responsibility, communication, decision making, patients, focus, leadership and compassion.

 Please know that none of our success would be possible without the heartfelt support we receive from caring individuals and organizations.  Your generosity means we can continue to help children and teens discover their true self and grow beyond the challenges they see.  We are hoping you will support PMC and thank you in advance for your sincere consideration.  On behalf of myself, along with all the staff of PMC, as well as those in counseling who cannot thank you personally, I extend our sincerest of appreciation.


 Steven R. Crouch, President