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“Pine Meadow Counseling helps bring families together”

The mission of a local counseling center is to use specific therapy methods to help bring Kern County families together during uncertain times.

The Pine Meadow Counseling Center has an intensive outpatient program with group classes aimed at getting to the heart of the problem.

The program has really made a difference in Vincent Lester and his daughter Meagan’s lives. After moving across the country, Vincent says he saw a change in his daughter. She became withdrawn at school and lost confidence in herself.

“She felt very overwhelmed, coming from a little kid to a teenager, that’s a big step in life,” said Vincent.

“My grades were dropping and I just didn’t care,” said Meagan.

President and Founder of Pine Meadow Counseling, Steven Crouch, says they focus on three principles — mind, thought and consciousness. This is a method he says creates feelings of hope and happiness, and it helps to break old habits.

This focus is making a big difference in the Lester family.

“It’s a good feeling knowing my daughter asked for help and we got it for her and now she’s happy,” said Vincent.

Beautiful, loved, and important is what Genny Zuniga found when she looked inside.  Her journey at PMC helped her see what was always there.  Thank you Genny for sharing your transformational story, we all are blessed to know you!

Pathogen Paranoia

Todd says his wife, Kim, drives their family crazy because of her fear of germs. She throws away dirty clothes, follows everyone around with wet wipes, and even wipes down strangers’ kids if they get too close!