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A Collective Effervescence

Drawing out what is good in others makes our job easy.  It would be problematic if in some way we were recognized as being the ones that “made” this happen.  All we can do is explain our understanding.  When others get it they experience a feeling like nothing before.  Capturing that good feeling is what those we have worked with have done in their comments below.  They are not intended to represent anyone single PMC staff member instead it is what can be called a “Collective Effervescence” a level of excitement about what we all are capable of.

It is a unique opportunity to meet a couple who have gone through cancer treatment multiple times over several years who remain optimistic, hopeful, and willing to selflessly share their journey with others like Steve and Renee do. Camp Keepsake, the primary program of the Cancer Hope Foundation, is a cost free weekend retreat designed to enhance the lives of people affected by cancer. Steve and Renee have graciously taken on roles as leaders of our Men's and Women's sharing groups following having attended camp along with their beautiful children since 2002. Steve and Renee bring first-hand knowledge, compassion and a sense of ease not only to the campers, but also to their fellow volunteer staff with whom they come into contact. I share with them a belief that illness does not define a person, even the illness of cancer. It has been a pleasure to have had Steve and Renee initially as campers, then as volunteer staff and more importantly now as friends if not family. The other campers and volunteer staff of Camp Keepsake, combined with the entire board of directors of the Cancer Hope Foundation are unable to express our heartfelt appreciation of both Steve and Renee's contributions via their involvement with camp; therefore, I extend our sincerest gratitude of Steve and Renee's efforts on their behalf.
Christopher Roos, Ed.D.
Founder and President / Cancer Hope Foundation
“PMC is a true community collaborative partner providing counseling that teaches our most at risk youth how to take control of their thoughts and lives turning them from hopeless to hopeful.”
Debbie Wood
“PMC’s approach of working with other providers in the community and their commitment to teen’s mental health surpasses all others. Their approach of seeing each person has potential not problems is rare in a culture where everyone is labeled with something wrong. I am thankful for being able to work with them.”
Stacy Froehlich, M.S.
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
“I believe a child and adolescent Psychiatrist cannot expect true lasting results if they do not work with a team of professionals like those at PMC. People who are truly motivated to see clients mentally healthy.”
Dr. Albert Ma
Board Certified Child and Adolescent, Board Certified Adult Psychiatrist